De-clutter, Pack, and Move, Unpack and Organize
with the Silk Touch Moves Team!


Moving from one home to the next home can be incredibly stressful, there’s no doubt about that. And when drawers, closets, and garages are packed with years of living, the task is downright overwhelming.

We can help!

  • Full-service relocation company;
  • All the resources you need for a chaos-free move;
  • Specialized, concierge attention to every detail of your move:
    • De-clutter to stage your home
    • Deliver boxes/packing materials to your door
    • Hiring movers, handywomen/men, contractors, tech and electronic providers
    • Trash removal, donation delivery
    • Changes of address and household services (gas, electricity, phone, etc.)

A Clear Path partners with Max Sold for your online Estate Sale Auction!

Many of our clients have households filled with unwanted “stuff” – a lot of which can be sold at auction. Here’s how it works: The Clear Path team photographs and lists items to be sold at auction on the Max Sold website. After 7-days of bidding [all bidding starts at $1] winning bidders arrive at a specified time to retrieve the sold item. For more information call 818-400-9592.

We can submit our fees into Escrow
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