De-clutter, Pack, Unpack, Organize:

Silk Touch Moves and Relocations

You’ve decided to make a change, or change has been thrust upon you. Working with the Silk Touch team will get you on track, and keep you on track from the beginning (starting with those junk drawers?) to the end (beds made, towels hung).

Silk Touch Moves and Relocations uses a proven 4-step formula to guarantee the best move ever. Since the physical part of moving is based on weight and volume, the Silk Touch team spends one day, or several, to de-clutter, sort, donate, or discard, unnecessary and unused items and artifacts. Packing and move coordination are part of the system. On the other end, the Team unpacks, and then organizes, the contents of home or office – clothes folded and hung, kitchen/common spaces organized, packing materials removed.

Here’s how it works:

Needs Assessment:

Clutter Assessment:

Packing Days:

Moving Day 1:

Unpack and Organize Days 3-4-5 (as needed):