The High Cost of Storing Your Stuff at a Self-Storage Facility

Getting rid of clutter is one way to cut the expense

Americans have a hard time letting go of their stuff. About one in 10 households rents a self-storage facility according to the latest survey by the Self Storage Association. In 1995, just one in 17 households rented a unit.

Stuffed inside many of those units are everything from used textbooks and clothes that no longer fit to couches and wall hangings that may one day be useful again.

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Getting Organized: Paperwork to Shred, Scan, or Store Infographic

As hard as I try, I always end up with at least a few folders full of receipts, forms, and miscellaneous items throughout the year, inevitably cluttering my filing cabinet and desk drawer. Since the tax deadline has come and gone, it’s an opportune time to empty out the drawers full of “I’ll get to that later” papers and decide what to shred, what to scan and store on a flash drive, and which items to retain on file.

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